*waves her tail* Like other FF games, limit breaks are there to help your character hit the enemy with a powerful punch. In FFVIII, limit breaks are very tricky since they only appear when a characterís HP is low. So itís kinda like dealing with a double edge sword. Youíre risking your characterís life as you perform a limit break, so itís not well advised to perform limit breaks when fighting a bossÖthou it can be a chance to see a very stylic move to bring down an enemy.

Irvineís Limit Break: Shot

When in trouble, Irvine loads his weapon with special ammunition and assaults his opponents with a hail of bullets. After selecting Shot, choose the type of ammo you want Irvine to use. Consider your enemy before choosing. Do you need the widespread damage of Shotgun ammo, or a powerful punch against a tough beast?

When the Shot Limit Break begins, two windows appear. The one of the left shows which enemy(s) youíre targeting. Move the cursor up and down to switch targets while shooting. The window on the right indicates how much ammo is remaining, and the time before the Limit Break ends.

You can find, buy, or refine ammo. You need to refine most of the good stuff from rare items. Just make sure you keep an ample supply around, because you donít want to run out in a critical battle.

Ammo-RF List

1 Screw=8 Normal Ammo
1 Normal Ammo=1 Fast Ammo
1 Shotgun Ammo=2 Fast Ammo
1 Bomb Fragment=20 Fire Ammo
1 Red Fang=40 Fire Ammo
1 Fuel=10 Fire Ammo
1 Poison Powder=10 Dark Ammo
1 Venom Fang=20 Dark Ammo
1 Missle=20 Demolition Ammo
1 Running Fire=40 Demolition Ammo
1 Cactus Thorn=40 Demolition Ammo
1 Sharp Spike=10 AP Ammo
1 Chief Knife=20 AP Ammo
1 Laser Cannon=5 Pulse Ammo
1 Energy Crystal=10 Pulse Ammo
1 Power Generator=20 Pulse Ammo

Tip: Hit R1 repeatedly to fire Irvine's gun. Bullets are purchased from stores, obtained from enemies or received via 'Ammo Refinement' and 'Card Mod.' menu abilities. Each type of ammunition has its own unique element.
When the blue bar in the bottom right corner depletes, 'Shot' ends. You can also end it prematurely by pressing the cancel button. This helps when the enemy's already dead, which is indicated when your shots start doing zero damage.

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